Voyah Free EV review

As expected, the biggest change in the Pure Electric version compared to the extended range version is focused on the difference in the core power components, with less internal combustion engine for extended range purposes and a new 106kWh capacity ternary lithium battery pack in its place, the first pure electric model in China to have a battery capacity of over 100kWh. The Voyah is also equipped with a set of newly designed dual permanent magnet synchronous motors at the front and rear to reduce energy consumption, and from the official announcement, it has a CLTC electric range of 631km and an average consumption of 18.3kWh/100km. This is a reasonable figure for its weight of 2310kg.

It should also be noted that the new motor figures are significantly lower than the previous AC asynchronous motor (maximum combined power of 360Kw and maximum torque output of 720Nm), but the actual official acceleration time is faster, at 4.3s. This may be a difference in the output curve, but the improvement in acceleration performance will be verified in subsequent tests where possible. However, even with the reduced power figures, the figures are still good enough to outperform the vast majority of petrol cars on the market under 500,000, with power performance at least at the output level of a 3.0T turbocharged engine.

Editor’s summary.   

After really recognizing the many benefits of Voyah FREE, I seem to be somewhat moved by it. Its power, ride quality, and handling are definitely not to be ignored as a plus, and the ultra-fast response time of the car’s mechanical systems and good ride comfort are qualities that should be expected of today’s luxury SUVs. However, it is like the class president who was always the most admired child in school, who was always the most admired child in the teachers’ eyes, only to find that the elite who set the trends and made a difference in certain fields were the easily overlooked children in the class at the time. Perhaps this is an inappropriate example, but it does show some of the characteristics of Voyah FREE, it is all things to all people, and even some of the rules, which may have been the sales code of a successful car company, but in the future, when the majority of the Chinese people have already had a very rich experience with cars, it may be better to have models with more distinctive characteristics. This is probably my truest hope for the future of the Voyah brand.

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