Ternary Lithium Battery – CATL CTP 3.0

by Shin
At present, new energy vehicle power batteries are mainly divided into two types: lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium batteries. Ternary lithium batteries refer to lithium-ion batteries that use nickel-cobalt-manganese oxide ternary as cathode materials. They are made of nickel salt, cobalt salt, and manganese salt, and the proportion of nickel-cobalt-manganese in them can be adjusted according to actual needs. Batteries with ternary materials cathode are safer than lithium cobalt oxide batteries, so they are more suitable for power batteries or small batteries, especially batteries with relatively high capacity. At present, ternary lithium batteries are widely used in the field of electric vehicles. The ternary lithium battery has the advantages of high energy density and generally high cruising range, and its life and output power are also good. However, due to the unstable high-temperature structure of nickel-cobalt-manganese, the high-temperature safety of the ternary lithium battery is still weak, and the current cost of the battery is still somewhat high.
CATL’s CTP3.0 Qilin battery, Tesla’s CTC 4680 battery, and LG and Panasonic’s ternary lithium battery. These are several ternary lithium battery technologies and brands that we are familiar with. On June 23, 2022, CATL released CTP 3.0 technology, named Qilin battery. Under the same cell chemistry system and battery pack size, the energy density of the Qilin battery is 13% higher than that of the cylindrical 4680 battery system, and the thermal efficiency is 50% higher. The Qilin battery can achieve a hot start of 5min and can be charged from 10% to 80% in 10 minutes. Compared with the 4680 battery, the “Qilin battery” is a square battery and adopts a modular design, which directly arranges hundreds or thousands of cells in the box, eliminating the need to assemble multiple cells into modules. Compared with the previous battery pack model, the CTP solution can improve the space utilization rate of the battery pack by 15%~ 20%, reduce the number of battery parts by 40%, increase production efficiency by 50%, and effectively reduce the battery cost.


Break through the functional boundary, combine the beams, water cooling panel and heat insulation panel into one

Kylin battery integrated use requirements, the cross and longitudinal beams, water cooling panel and heat insulation panel into one, integrated into a multi-functional elastic interlayer. The interlayer has a built-in micron bridge connection device, which cooperates with the cell breathing to expand and contract freely, improving the reliability of the battery life cycle. The integrated energy unit composed of the battery and the multi-functional elastic interlayer builds a more stable mechanical structure perpendicular to the driving direction, improving the battery pack’s anti-vibration and anti-impact ability.


Reshape the space structure and release 6% of the energy space

CATL explores the design boundaries of the full life cycle application scenarios of Qilin batteries with accurate calculation and AI simulation. Qilin batteries adopt the method of leading cells and create an original bottom space sharing scheme, intelligently distributing functional modules such as structural protection, high-voltage connection, and thermal runaway exhaust, releasing 6% of the energy space. Compared with the Rubik’s Cube battery (SAIC group) lying cells, the space utilization rate is higher, achieving a super high cell space utilization rate of 72%.


Subvert the traditional water cooling and expand the heat exchange area by four times

CATL quadruples the heat exchange area by placing the water cooling function between the cells. This world-first large-surface cooling technology of the cell reduces the temperature control time of the cell to half, supports 5 minutes of rapid hot start and 10 minutes of fast charge to 80%. In extreme cases, the cell can be cooled rapidly, effectively blocking abnormal heat conduction between cells, and effectively improving the life and safety of the cell. Therefore, the Qilin battery achieves thermal stability and thermal safety of the whole chemical system, so as to adapt to higher energy density material upgrade.


The world’s first mass-produced model with Qilin inside: Zeekr 001, Zeekr 009, Huawei Aito M7


The electric cars offered by Uniland Motors using CATL batteries include:

  • AUDI e-tron series
  • NISSAN Ariya
  • MINI Cooper SE
  • HONDA e:NS1
  • VW ID series
  • BMW ix series
  • ZEEKR 001
  • CADILLAC Lyriq
  • TESLA Model 3 & Model Y
  • NIO all models
  • VOLVO Recharge series
  • IM Motors all series

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