New energy vehicles used car acceptance increased, or become the new trend

In March, 56,000 new energy used cars were traded in China, up 21.6% year-on-year; 141,000 new energy used cars were traded in the first quarter, up 20.3% year-on-year, climbing higher in the overall upward general trend.

We all know that as the new energy track continues to change, the first few batches of new energy vehicles gradually began to enter the used car market, but due to the rapid iteration of technology, battery mileage decay serious and policy changes, etc., the residual value of new energy vehicles is low, used car trading activity is poor, has always been the norm in the used car market.

One important reason is the battery decay problem.

For a new energy vehicle, the cost of the battery accounts for almost half of the vehicle, sometimes more than 80%. But with the current technology is not yet able to solve the problem of battery capacity decay due to the increase in the number of charge and discharge.

On the other hand, the new energy vehicles are still in a period of technological innovation, and under the continuous iteration of technology, the replacement speed of new energy vehicles is also becoming faster. Every year or two, the comprehensive cost performance of new cars is much higher than the old ones, accelerating the depreciation of the latter.

The large increase in transactions in the first quarter of this year may mean that consumer acceptance of new energy used cars is increasing. The current used car market in the fuel car accounted for more than 90%, is still the absolute main player, and will not be exceeded by new energy in the short term – new energy used car road, still a long way to go.

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