Li L9 A Flagship Smart SUV Built for Families

On June 21, 2022, Li Auto officially released its global smart flagship SUV for the family: the Ideal L9. Ideal L9 is a flagship full-size SUV, built around the family user to create 6 ultimate comfort spaces; Li Auto’s self-developed flagship extended-range electric and chassis system provides excellent driving comfort, CLTC comprehensive cruising range of 1315 km, WLTC comprehensive cruising range of 1100 km; fully self-developed flagship intelligent driving system – Ideal AD Max and the highest level of body safety to protect every family; innovative five-screen three-dimensional space interactive intelligent cockpit, the driving, audio-visual and entertainment experience of intelligent electric vehicles to a new level. 100 flagship configurations are all standard.

Flagship-class space and comfort

As a global smart flagship SUV for the family, the Ideal L9 has the space and comfort of the flagship. The body dimensions are 5218 mm long, 1998 mm wide, 1800 mm high, and 3105 mm wheelbase. Through the careful design of the vehicle structure and interior space, the interior space of the Ideal L9 surpasses that of the mainstream SUV in its class, and even exceeds some full-size MPVs in the combined space of the second row, the third row, and the trunk, truly allowing every member of the car to obtain extremely spacious and comfortable space.
The Ideal L9 adopts a four-way power-adjustable steering wheel to provide the driver with a convenient and comfortable experience of getting on and off the bus. In terms of seat comfort, the Ideal L9 all-car seats are electrically adjustable and come standard with seat heating function, and use a 3D comfort sponge and Nappa leather. The first and second-row seats are also equipped with flanking heating function, seat ventilation, and a SPA-level ten-point massage function. With the optimized design of comfortable soft pillows, it provides the most comfortable riding experience for every family member and better relieves the fatigue of the journey. Exclusively designed second-row right-hand seats, equipped with four-way electrically adjustable leg rests and well-designed small tables, provide a true first-class ride experience. At the same time, L9 has also carefully designed a wealth of storage space for each seat to meet the needs of everyone in the family.
The Ideal L9 provides two wireless charging panels with a maximum power of 15 watts in the front row, and can also upgrade exclusive panels with higher charging power for different brands of mobile phones. The car is equipped with 6 Type-C ports, 2 12-volt ports, and 1 220-volt independent power interface, which can provide sufficient power support for various electrical equipment. The Ideal L9 also provides a dedicated rear-row car refrigerator, equipped with an independent compressor to provide exclusive refrigeration and heat preservation functions, which can accurately set the temperature, whether, in summer or cold winter, you can let the family enjoy the right temperature drinks.
Taking care of every family member is the goal that Li Auto always pursues. The ideal L9 comes standard with an oversized double panoramic canopy and electric sunshade to provide excellent thermal insulation. The new four-seat rest mode can instantly turn the car into a comfortable home. With intelligent temperature-controlled fresh air conditioning, a fragrance system, and 256-color ambient lights, it creates a warm and healthy interior environment for every family member. In terms of quietness, the four doors and tail doors of the ideal L9 all use silent electric suction doors, and the front windshield, double panoramic sky curtain, and first and second-row windows all use double-layer sound insulation and thermal insulation glass, making the family’s journey more comfortable and quiet.
The Ideal L9 also features concealed door handles, which are no different from conventional mechanical door handles when used. The trunk supports inductive opening, and the third-row seats have one-button reclining and power angle adjustment. The Ideal L9 offers the largest trunk space in its class, with a depth of 540mm, and can hold the whole family’s luggage in 6-seat full-load mode.

Flagship Extended Range Electric System and Chassis System

Li Auto has always believed that for a vast country, range-extended electric is the best solution for home SUVs. As a global smart flagship SUV built for the family, the Ideal L9 uses a flagship range-extended electric system and chassis system.
The front and rear dual-motor intelligent four-wheel drive system provide a maximum power of 330 kW and a maximum torque of 620 Nm. The 0-100 km/h acceleration time is 5.3 seconds, which not only ensures abundant power but also maintains excellent ride comfort. In terms of batteries, a new generation of the ternary lithium battery pack is adopted, with a total power of 44.5 kWh. The pure electric cruising range reaches 215 kilometers under the CLTC standard and 180 kilometers under the WLTC standard, providing a longer pure electric mileage.
In terms of an extended-range power generation system, the Ideal L9 adopts the 1.5T four-cylinder range extender independently developed and produced by Li Auto-controlled Ideal Xinchen Company. The thermal efficiency is up to 40.5%, and the fuel consumption of the heat engine is as low as 5.9 liters/100 kilometers under CLTC conditions. With a lower wind resistance coefficient and higher motor efficiency, the Ideal L9 has a total CLTC cruising range of 1315 kilometers and a total WLTC cruising range of 1100 kilometers. The Ideal L9 also has a 3.5-kilowatt external discharge function and has dual power supply systems inside and outside the car to realize the freedom of electricity consumption anytime, anywhere.
In terms of chassis, the Ideal L9 adopts a self-developed chassis control system. The front double fork arm suspension and rear five-link suspension, combined with intelligent air springs and millisecond-responsive CDC continuously variable damping shock absorber, provide flagship driving and ride comfort. The standard intelligent air spring can adjust the height by 80 mm, which can not only improve the vehicle’s passability but also reduce energy consumption by reducing the body height and improving the handling performance of high-speed driving. At the same time, the ideal L9 can significantly reduce the height of the car when parking, providing the elderly and children with a convenient experience of getting on and off, and it is easier to load the luggage in the trunk.
In addition to flagship hardware capabilities, the extended-range electric system and chassis system also require strong control capabilities to maximize the advantages of the hardware. The Ideal L9 adopts a fully self-developed XCU central domain controller, which can process complex vehicle information at high speed and accurately control the vehicle in milliseconds, giving full play to the full capabilities of the hardware. Make the vehicle drive better, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient.

Flagship-class security system

The Ideal L9 is a flagship SUV for families, so we must create the highest level of safety for it and truly protect every family member. The Ideal L9 not only meets the highest safety standards of China New Car Evaluation Regulation C-NCAP and China Insurance Auto Safety Index C-IASI but also sets a higher level of brand safety standards: 25% of small bias collisions on both sides will reach the highest rating of G.
The Ideal L9 is equipped with double aluminum alloy anti-collision beams on the front, which can effectively decompose the front impact force when a collision occurs, and maximize the safety of every family member in the car. The battery pack adopts the latest flame retardant materials and thermal runaway protection technology and is equipped with a dual protection design composed of side protective beams and an aluminum alloy shell, which can ensure the safety of the battery pack even in the strict side column touch and bottom bottom bottom bottom test.
In addition, the Ideal L9 also comes standard with an electronic child lock and four ISOFIX child safety seat interfaces in the second and third rows to provide children with more comprehensive safety protection.
If the structure of the body determines the bottom line of safety, then intelligent driving will determine the upper limit of safety. Li Auto continues to adhere to the full-stack self-research of intelligent driving and always regards safety as the primary goal. The ideal L9 will be equipped with the flagship Ideal AD Max intelligent driving system as standard, with strong perception and data processing capabilities. In terms of perception capability, Ideal AD Max is equipped with a forward 128-line lidar, 68 million pixel cameras, and 52 million pixel cameras, as well as a forward millimeter-wave radar and 12 ultrasonic sensors, which truly realizes 360 ° all-round perception of the surrounding and long distance of the vehicle. Through the powerful fusion perception system, the vehicle can see farther, wider and clearer, thus helping the driver to identify risks more effectively and greatly improving driving safety. In addition, the Ideal L9 provides a sentinel mode that covers both inside and outside the car through an in-car 3D ToF sensor and an outside camera.
The increase in the number of sensors also brings an increase in the amount of data calculation. The dual Nvidia Orin-X computing power chips equipped with the ideal AD Max intelligent assisted driving system to have a total computing power of 508TOPS, which can process the fusion signals of high-definition cameras, lidar, millimeter wave radar, and ultrasonic sensors in real-time and efficiently. The dual processors are redundant for each other’s computing power, making the intelligent driving system run more stably.
At the same time, we also comprehensively optimize the accident scenarios that occur frequently for users, such as road construction of temporary roadblocks, congestion scenes of close-range vehicles, accidents or faulty vehicles parked in the middle of the road, etc., to help drivers identify, brake and avoid earlier, to minimize the occurrence of accidents.
To ensure that the driver can use the intelligent driving function correctly, the ideal L9 reminds the driver at all times through the new capacitive sensing steering wheel and attention reminder system. The sound field warning system can also remind the driver of the risks from different positions of the vehicle detected by the system through sound positioning, helping the driver to respond immediately. The first 5 intelligent driving assistance lights are used to display the status of intelligent driving and remind surrounding pedestrians and vehicles to keep a safe distance.
In addition, to avoid the risk of vehicle system failure, the Ideal L9 is the first production model to adopt the redundant design of the power system, steering system, braking system, and power platform power supply system at the same time. When one system is at risk of failure, another backup system will intervene immediately, and even if it fails under special circumstances, it can still ensure driving safety and reliability. Making the whole family travel safer and more convenient, and protecting the safety of the whole family is the real flagship safety.

Flagship class smart space cockpit

The five-screen 3D spatial interaction pioneered by the Ideal L9 elevates the driving, audio-visual, and entertainment experience of smart cars to a new level. Through the dual-screen combination of the HUD head-up display system and the Safe Driving Interactive Screen, important driving information is projected onto the front windshield through the HUD head-up display system, and the line of sight does not need to leave the road, making driving safer. The Safe Driving Interactive Screen is located above the steering wheel. Using Mini-LED and multi-touch technology, it can not only clearly display the necessary driving information, but also realize touch-based control methods, making interaction easier.
The Ideal L9’s in-car screen is currently the 3K car-grade OLED screen with the highest picture clarity, delicacy, and color reproduction. The purpose is to make every family have a top-level audio-visual and entertainment experience. The central control screen and the co-driver entertainment screen are two 15.7-inch 3K car-grade OLED screens with an integrated seamless design. The clear and concise UI design makes all operations clear at a glance, with almost no learning costs. The 16:9 screen ratio allows the co-driver to get a better experience of chasing dramas. The specially designed rear cabin entertainment screen is also a 15.7-inch 3K car-grade OLED screen, which supports electric opening and closing, as well as an angle adjustment function.
The Ideal L9 has ushered in a new era of five-screen 3D space interaction. The six array microphones and 3DToF sensors in the car, combined with Li Auto’s first multi-modal 3D space interaction technology based on deep learning, can interact in the most natural way of human beings in the car, so that children from kindergarten to seniors in their 70s and 80s can easily enjoy the intelligent experience of the Ideal L9.
The ideal L9 is the first in the industry to create a 7.3.4 panoramic sound layout. It consists of 7 sets of speakers to surround the whole car, 3 heavy woofers to form a bass matrix, and 4 top speakers to form a sky surround. The whole car has 21 speakers, the tweeter is made of aluminum film, the midrange is made of Kevlar, and the woofer is made of carbon fiber. The maximum power of the power amplifier is up to 2160 watts, which can be said to be the ceiling in the standard audio of the car.
The ideal L9 also uses Dolby Atmos, with the 4D vibration unit of the second-row seat, which is equivalent to moving the top 4D cinema to the car, bringing an unprecedented immersive experience.
Through the Type-C interface, the Ideal L9 can realize the direct screen projection and 60-watt power supply requirements of a Switch cable, which can easily support four people playing together. In addition, the Ideal L9 is also equipped with a 220-volt power supply in the car, with HDMI-Type-C adapter cable, all kinds of top game consoles, and 3A masterpieces that can be played in the car.
The smart cockpit of the ideal L9 uses two Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 car-grade chips to ensure the fluency and response speed of five-screen 3D interaction. In-vehicle network communication adopts 5G dual operators to ensure real-time online high-speed network, and there will be no cards when watching high-definition online videos in the car. At the same time, we will also bring more intelligent applications and smart accessories to users through the space store.

Flagship design

Ideal L9 adopts a highly recognizable one-piece star ring LED headlight, with a length of more than 2 meters and no breakpoint in the middle. It has achieved the industry’s first uniformity, coherence, softness, and color temperature. This is the ideal L9 that can be identified from 100 meters away. The one-piece suspension design star ring headlight is not only the family design language of the ideal brand but also not only a driving light with an indication function but also dazzling and unparalleled 3D artwork. The rear star ring light adopts a thick-wall injection molding process, showing a very three-dimensional luminous effect. The star ringtail light echoes the star ring headlight, which is the halo of happiness that surrounds the family.
The headlight group of the Ideal L9 adopts a flat glass design, integrating LED headlights, intelligent filling lights, LED turn signals, and intelligent driving assistance lights, which not only have a sense of technology but also have the best lighting effect of the same level. The design of the hidden mechanical door handle and the variable intake grille can effectively reduce the high-speed wind resistance so that the wind resistance coefficient of the Ideal L9 vehicle is at an excellent level among all luxury full-size SUVs.
The side of the ideal L9 has an extremely elegant posture and proportions. There are no complicated and redundant lines in the design, and the larger windows and better driving vision also bring a full sense of security to the family.
The Ideal L9 comes standard with four standard colors of metallic paint: gold, silver, gray and black, as well as three special edition paints: purple special edition pearl paint, green special edition pearl paint, and blue special edition cold light paint. The interior offers a black and white two-color interior, black coffee two-color interior, and black and orange two-color interior three styles to choose from. For wheels, 21-inch wheels are standard, and there are two styles of silver and gray two-color wheels and black and gray two-color wheels to choose from. In addition, we also provide electric pedals for users to choose from.


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