How to win the hearts of young people? NIO ET5 believes that the cockpit atmosphere is very important

To say that currently, in the automobile consumer market, which group of people has the most potential? That must be “post-90s”, “post-95s” and even “post-00s” young people. However, their personality, fashion, fashion, and luxury seem to differ from those of “old people,” and they are more diverse. Everyone has their own set of logic.
NIO has its understanding of these consumer groups. Recently, we had the opportunity to experience the “ingenuity” of the interior design of the NIO ET5, which will be delivered soon, to see how it captures the hearts of young people through its seemingly simple interior design.


■ Fine work under the simple appearance

When I got into the car, the NIO ET5 felt very “simple” and even a little overwhelmed. Because it has two layers of leather-covered trim panels on its center console, you can’t even see the air conditioner vents.
However, the core functions of the NIO ET5 interior have no apparent changes compared with the “866”, ET7, and ES7. They are a vertical central control screen, an extended instrument display, and a unique middle armrest area. Shifter and ramped cell phone slot. Whether you used to be a user of any of the above models, the operation does not require too much adaptation and learning.
I think the effect of this design will not distract the driver, such as fiddling with the air conditioner or being “swayed” by the ambient light on the countertop. In addition, it can allow the driver to have a wider field of vision. Since the NIO ET5 does not have a HUD head-up display system, we can see the front of the car more clearly from the main driving position, which helps to grasp the distance better and control the vehicle. Especially for petite girls.
Starting from ET7, NIO’s three consecutive new cars have tried to be concise in the layout structure of the center console. Take this ET5 as an example, its front center console is divided into two layers as a whole, but they are all connected with the door to achieve a double-layered embracing effect.
But if you look closely, you will find that the center console of the NIO ET5 is still “not simple,” and designers and engineers have put a lot of thought into it.
First of all, many air-conditioning vents are hidden in the center console’s two-layer decorative panels, so this is an air duct similar to an “underdrain,” and the air-conditioning wind will be blown out from here. It is not easy to see them, and it can be said that “the wind is invisible.”
In addition to the three air outlets below, there is a vertical air outlet at both ends of the upper layer of the NIO ET5 center console so that two air-conditioning winds will converge and blow towards the driver and passengers. I think this design has two advantages: it can achieve a better balance between the hidden design and the cooling effect. At the same time, it does not need to increase the energy consumption of the air conditioning system.
The other is the application of fabric materials. Yes, you read that right. A pure electric car positioned as a high-end luxury needs “fabric” to reflect its value. That’s because these fabrics are made of Clean+ eco-friendly materials, all made from recycled PET plastic bottles. In addition, according to the product manager of NIO ET5, the R&D team asked suppliers that the fabrics used on ET5 should be wear-resistant and better transmit light and sound.
From this, we feel another core concept of NIO ET5’s interior design: the “second living room.”

■ “Atmosphere Group” and “BGM.”

In the living room or the living room, it may be difficult for us to say which furniture or appliance is the “protagonist,” the sofa. Television? It seems that they are not because they all serve people. How to make people stay in this space comfortably, comfortably, and easily is the premise of placing all luxury furniture or intelligent home appliances.
And in NIO ET5, we also found this feeling. The most obvious of these is the ambient lighting and sound system settings.
First, in the ambient light part, NIO ET5 did not put the light strip in an “obvious” place but subtly hid it under the upper trim panel of the central control and at the connection between the door trim panel and the inner armrest.
At the same time, we can see this kind of “washboard”-like trim or threaded lines under the doors in many places in the car. They function a bit like the shadow wall in the living room, which can effectively reduce the original low-key. The ambient light “scatters” out to form a softer, more natural “ambient group.”
These “shadow walls” will have such an effect at night or in a dimly lit environment. Although the pictures may not fully show the actual impact, my honest feeling in the car is at least very comfortable, and the atmosphere lights play an embellishment and decoration. The role of, and there is no “domination.”
The ET5’s speakers also have this effect. They are just “quietly” placed in the correct position, and some are even covered with the Clean+ above environmentally friendly fabrics. When we need to use music to switch moods or express emotions, they are just a set of speakers that will play “BGM,” even though there are a total of 23 speakers, and they can form a 7.1.4 Dolby panoramic sound system.
Of course, NIO ET5 not only has the right “atmosphere group” and “BGM” but also has made great efforts in driving comfort. Here we focus on the back row of the ET5. First, when I sit in, I can feel the moderate hardness of the two main seat cushions, considering both comfort and support. Although the backrest of the rear row looks relatively “straight,” it can form a more suitable angle with the seat cushion, plus a slightly soft texture, so that the big passenger can “slip” down slightly to obtain more Ample headroom.
On the other hand, since the ET5 adopts the fastback design of a coupe, I am a little concerned about whether its rear space will be oppressive. However, from experience, although the primary and passenger seats will have some visual impact on the rear passengers, the vehicle’s back window is well positioned, coupled with the transparent panoramic canopy, so we will not feel the space at all. It is cramped, and the rear row will not become a “black house” like some coupe models.
Finally, I would like to introduce two “small easter eggs” designed in the ET5 car. The first is color matching. The car logo and seat belt on the steering wheel of NIO ET5 will be consistent with the interior color selected by the user, including the seat belt. Snap.
In addition, the 256-color ambient light of NIO ET5 has a total of 9 preset schemes and supports voice switching. Just say “Switch the ambient light” to NOMI to jump out of this menu, and then tell the desired lighting effect.

■ Bang Comments

Through a half-day experience, I felt the product manager’s positioning and temperament for NIO ET5’s “ZEN (Zen)” and “Hyper (excitement).” As an NIO ES6 owner, my heart is a little itchy.
Although I am still not sure whether young people can “get” these and pay for them, I believe that everyone can still experience the subtleties of this car through many interior details, such as the “shadow wall.” Design, stereo sound, and the effect of eco-friendly fabrics. I think these can at least give most consumers an excellent first impression of the NIO ET5 and attract them to experience more of its functions.
Of course, in addition to creating the atmosphere, the actual capabilities such as power, battery life, configuration, and intelligence are “hard currency.” Because of this, NIO ET5 also has many “unique martial arts,” and we will find opportunities to bring you this as soon as possible. Please look forward to the test drive and experiencing the model’s content.
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