Analysis of Volkswagen MEB Platform

Automotive platform

When it comes to vehicle platformization, many people think of Toyota’s TNGA architecture, but in fact the pioneer of Modularization production is the PQ35 platform launched by Volkswagen in 2003.
Automobile platform roughly means the standardized design of various parts of the car, such as parts standardization, functional serialization, structural Modularization, and electrical generalization , the purpose is to use similar chassis, body and generalized materials to create different shapes and different functions of the model products
There are two biggest benefits of platformization, one is to reduce R & D costs, and the other is to shorten the development cycle. Volkswagen has very high attainments in this area, such as the widely used horizontal platform MQB, the mid-to-high-end vertical platform MLB, the Bentley Porsche-specific platform MSB, and the Volkswagen Group, which has spent a lot of time and cost in 2020. The pure electric platform MEB

MEB Platform

In terms of platform architecture, MEB can be regarded as the product of the MQB platform’s upgrade to electrification. The lateral chassis design, front engine, gearbox and complex transmission system of the fuel vehicle are removed, so that the vehicle can have a longer wheelbase and shorter front and rear suspension
All models of the MEB platform are rear-wheel drive, and the power battery is designed with a flat-panel module, which can achieve a front-to-rear weight ratio close to 50:50, and the vehicle’s performance in acceleration, braking, and cornering can be improved to a certain extent
In terms of the core power battery, Volkswagen adopts CATL era batteries and self-developed battery module technology. Each module has 24 sets of batteries. The number of modules can be freely adjusted according to the size of the model to achieve a continuous driving range of 330-550 kilometers
By adjusting the battery pack shell, vehicle wheelbase, wheel base, you can produce different sizes of cars, SUV, MPV, commercial vehicles and so on
In order to ensure the safety of the battery pack, Volkswagen has equipped the battery pack with a blasting pressure relief device to cut off the positive and negative connections when the battery collides or short circuits
To solve the problem of battery life reduction in winter, it is equipped with CO2 heat pump technology, which is more efficient than traditional PTC heating technology
Although these technologies are advanced, they are also relatively mature technologies on the market, and many car companies are using them

What does MEB mean?

The MEB platform does not have much revolutionary significance for pure electric technology, but it is of great significance for Volkswagen Group
1. The first is that the cost is greatly reduced . Although the MQB platform is compatible with new energy, it is a traditional car manufacturing platform after all. The ID3 of the MEB platform is more than the pure electric golf of the MQB platform, and the cost has dropped by 40%
2. Secondly, the cruising range has been greatly improved . Before, whether it is Longyi New Energy or Golf Pure Electric Edition, the cruising range is only more than 270 kilometers. The MEB platform not only brings stronger cruising ability, but also greatly improves the safety of the battery pack performance

Written at the end

As the most active internal combustion engine giant, Volkswagen has a very rich experience in the automotive platform, although the MEB platform in the current new energy pattern, not that advanced, but also indicates the general direction of the trend of pure electricity, even if the Volkswagen such a behemoth, but also had to choose to upgrade.

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