2023 Shanghai Auto Show new energy vehicles into the mainstream. Chinese brands’ technology are shocking.

The 20th Shanghai International Auto Show will be held from April 18 to 27. As one of the largest auto shows in China and one of the most popular auto shows, many car brands will exhibit their new models at this show.

The new energy models made in China were very popular among the media at the show, among the reasons why, in addition to the new energy trend, many brands such as the Chinese brand BYD, AITO are also attracting extra attention in terms of technological innovation. In the following presentation we will also focus on new energy vehicle information.

More than 110 car brands, 1500 vehicles were exhibited at the show, of which more than 1/2 were new energy vehicles, and the number of world premieres and many concept car launches were record high. At this exhibition, BYD will showcase the Yangwang U8 million-class new energy off-road SUV with the unveiled “turn-in-place, wading” function. The vehicle will also be officially launched in August this year.

The Chinese new energy car brand XPeng will also unveil the new car XPeng G6, according to the information known so far, the new car will also be equipped with XPeng’s strongest intelligent assisted driving system, 800V super charging, etc., or will become a powerful rival of Tesla Model Y.

The models announced by other domestic brands such as JETOUR, Denza, HiPhi, Aito and others are also very noteworthy. Not only are they very bright in terms of appearance, interior and performance, but the advanced level of car-machine intelligent driving technology they carry may make traditional car companies realize that the market position will change quicker than imagined.

We have compiled a table below, which summarizes some models that are very worthy of attention at the show. We will also be the first to publish more vehicle details news on FB&ins during the show.

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